Peter Drew

Jazz arranger and composer


Where & When

by Peter Drew

Released October 21, 2016
Recorded May 2016 in New York


The initial suggestion for this recording came from jazz musician and teacher Joe Solomon. Composer and mentor Philip Rothman breathed life into it as producer.

My thanks to conductor Darcy James Argue and the group of seasoned musicians who have performed on many recordings, including several Grammy-nominated albums. Thanks also to the staff at MSR Studios and most notably to the magic of recording engineer Brian Montgomery.

Additional thanks to my longtime friend and graphic artist Robbii for the design.

This endeavor is dedicated to my wife, Deanna.

  • 3:35
    Jimmy Giuffre; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: John Ellis (tenor sax), Carl Maraghi (baritone sax), Rob Wilkerson (alto sax), Sam Sadigursky (clarinet)
  • 3:52
    Barclay Allen, Harold Spina, and Roc Hillman; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Carl Maraghi (baritone sax), Adam Birnbaum (piano)
  • 6:08
    Benny Golson; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Seneca Black (trumpet), Dave Pietro (alto sax)
  • 2:40
    Irving Berlin; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Sarah Tolar (vocals), Seneca Black (trumpet)
  • 5:15
    John Coltrane; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Nadje Noordhuis (trumpet) Jon Irabagon (tenor sax), Adam Birnbaum (piano)
  • 3:05
    Peter Drew
    Solo: Sebastian Noelle (guitar)
  • 4:58
    Wardell Gray; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Adam Birnbaum (piano), Matt Clohesy (bass), Rob Wilkerson (alto sax)
  • 4:04
    Ernie Wilkins; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Adam Birnbaum (piano), Ryan Keberle (trombone), Dave Pietro (alto sax), Nadje Noordhuis (trumpet)
  • 2:19
    Peter Drew
    Solos: Sarah Tolar (vocals), Sebastian Noelle (guitar), Adam Birnbaum (piano)
  • 3:05
    Woody Herman; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Adam Birnbaum (piano), Sam Sadigursky (clarinet), John Ellis (tenor sax)
  • 5:31
    Antonio Carlos Jobim; Peter Drew
    Solos: Jon Irabagon (tenor sax), Sebastian Noelle (guitar)
  • 3:57
    Cole Porter; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Sarah Tolar (vocals), Sam Sadigursky (clarinet), Matt Clohesy (bass)
  • 3:40
    Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo, and Gil Fuller; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Ryan Keberle (trombone), Seneca Black (trumpet)
  • 4:43
    Bob Haggart; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solo: Dave Pietro (alto sax)
  • 2:51
    Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers; Arr. Peter Drew
    Solos: Sarah Tolar (vocals), Sam Sadigursky (clarinet)
  • 3:20
    Peter Drew
    Solos: Sarah Tolar (vocals), John Ellis (tenor sax), Ryan Keberle (trombone)
  • 3:54
    Peter Drew
    Solo: Charles Turner III (vocals)

© Peter Drew